StudioRazzag is an independent company who specialises in Branding, Advertising, Communication and Consultancy. We strive on creating and maintaining the consistency of a brand through marketing, communication, development and execution to position your brand’s identity, professionally into the consumer’s psyche.


To us Branding is more than just giving a product a name. Creating a brand’s personality plays a major role in what we do at StudioRazzag. In order to achieve this we offer Concept Generation. This enables us to provide you with expertise in launching new Brands, Brand Creation or Rebranding.

Our Branding Services Department are experts in design. We offer a variety of design services such as Logo Design and Stationery Design including: Business Card, Letter Head, Envelope and Email Signature design. We also possess lots of experience in Signage, Brochure, Template, Web and Packaging design.

Check out our Portfolio for examples of some of these.

Advertising & Communication

Advertising can be communicated through a variety of channels. Whether it’s Press, Outdoor, TV, Radio or Online. To accomplish success in any of these channels you need to have a strong concept. We can help you achieve this by generating a unique and influential concept. Additional skills include Design and Art Direction.

StudioRazzag can bring any concept to life, turning an advertising campaign concept into reality.

Web & App Design

Much more than a design, our design process consists of creating a user-friendly logic, which carefully maps out the user’s journey. To ensure this journey is easy to navigate for the intended user, we custom build a design, which talks to the target audience. Our custom design includes interface, buttons and iconography to help reflect your brands unique digital identity.


We believe that uniqueness leads to success, but to gain this you need to be able to understand what you are trying to achieve.
As expertise in the field, we can offer guidance on all of our services and what options suit your requirements best. We offer smart insights, communication campaign planning and communication road mapping enabling us to lay out a clear and achievable path to success.

We offer so much at StudioRazzag, please see our diagram above as to how we might help you.